FREE  After Party Tickets at the Web3 Conference?!

Here's how to snag yours:

1️⃣ Check the Web3 Ticket box on Duke Payment platform  (Here!)
2️⃣ Download your shiny new web3 ticket that arrives in your email ✨
3️⃣ Show up to just ONE panel (seriously, one!)
4️⃣ Scan the QR code or flash your face  (biometric option too!)
5️⃣  Enjoy FREE drink tickets at the epic after-party!
Don't forget your dancing shoes!

But wait, there's MORE!

Collect limited-edition NFTs and prove you're the ultimate Web3 guru by scanning sponsor table QRs
Verifiable tickets on the blockchain thanks to our tech partners, Unlock Protocol and Heirloom
No more StubHub drama!
Skip the line and ditch the ticket stress with Anon ID's biometric authentication  Your face is your ticket, literally!
Ready to level up your conference experience?  
This is your chance! Don't miss out!

#web3 #afterparty #freetickets #blockchain #futureofevents

Share this with your crypto crew and spread the word!  The more the merrier!
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